Teaching from IEg

Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering

  • Programmable Digital Systems.
  • Mixed Signal Electronic Systems.
  • Power Electronics.
  • Digital Electronics I. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering and Industrial Automation

  • High Frequency Converters.
  • Electronic Systems Design .
  • Reconfigurable Electronics.
  • Power Electronics.
  • Digital Electronics. 

Master’s in Telecommunications Engineering

  • Advanced Electronic Systems.
  • Integrated Circuits.

Master’s in Industrial Engineering

  • Industrial Electronics. 

University Expert in Electronics for Satellite Communications

  • Satellite Electrical Power Systems.
  • Small Satellite Platforms.

University Expert in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Data Acquisition for Sensor Systems.
  • Power Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • Embedded Systems and Microprocessors for WSN.
  • Data Acquisition for Sensor Systems.